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Whatever you need to meet your data goals, we’re here to help.

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When data is central to your business, you’re bound to have questions about your BI tool and broader data stack. The Omni team is here to get you answers — fast.

Responses in real-time

With Omni, you’ll get support while you’re exploring or building with your data — not after you’ve moved onto something else.

Hands-on support

Whether you need help running a complex analysis, evolving your data model, building a dashboard, or simply finding a fix, just send us a link and we’ll dive right in!

Help beyond Omni

Want help defining retention cohorts? Curious about best practices for data warehouse management? We’re here to partner with you on all of it.

Customer love

Photo of Julie B.
Julie B.Head of Data

"Omni Analytics is a sweet spot between Looker and Mode. It's easy for your team to use, like Looker, but also lets tech-savvy folks dig into data with SQL queries. Plus, the Omni team is super quick to support and brainstorm on new ideas."

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Verified User in Venture Capital & Private Equity

"I am not a BI tool user nor a data engineer but am able to model data and create dashboards much easier than other tools we tried. The tool is fast and responsive. The team is helpful and supportive and if you want get under the hood it's very easy to do so"

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Photo of Hari A.
Hari A.

A super powerful BI tool. Omni addresses many of the struggles in legacy BI tools with novel approaches. The team has built with the analyst in mind so well. With Omni, data engineering can end a step or two earlier and rest of the magic is taken care of by the Omni UI. I also love how quickly Omni iterates and launches new features. Customer support of the finest levels too."

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Gabi P.

"As a non-technical person who is trying to understand how our customers are leveraging and getting value out of our product, I am always looking for ways to get my hands on data. The data will empower me to understand what happened so I can adjust or predict what will happen so I can better control the outcome. Omni is the first data tool I've used that allows me more freely (as a non-technical person) to do this. I don't have to rely on an engineer to do it for me. In a startup that is moving fast, this is imperative. Omni has also offered fantastic customer support, the team is smart and very responsive."

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Photo of Dylan H.
Dylan H.Senior Software Engineer

"The support we've received from the Omni team has been truly incredible. Their customer service alone is a reason to switch. Every time we've needed help (even if it's just folks new to SQL who need a hand) the team has responded in minutes. If we find a bug, it's usually fixed in nothing flat. If we need a feature, we often see them add it within hours or days -- not weeks. Before you spin up anything else, give Omni a shot. It's worth it."

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Sebastien C.VP of Sales

"The other thing that's most enjoyable about working with Omni is the team. They hit all the marks that you'd expect from a top vendor! Super responsive support, very friendly and helpful advices, new & super valuable features being released almost daily... it's a pleasure to see the speed at which the product is evolving. It already a great solution, it's getting better everyday and you're supported by one of the most knowledgeable team there is - it is absolutely the best value-for-money one can find in the BI Market right now."

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Helpful resources

You can always reach us on Slack, but here are a few other ways to learn more about Omni.


How do I get help from the Omni team?

Once you have an Omni instance, we’ll add you to a shared Slack channel that includes your team and the Omni crew. We encourage you to ask as many questions in that channel as you’d like.

Who can I expect to answer my questions?

We have a solutions engineering team who will help you most often, but everyone at Omni is on our customer support “hotline”. We regularly loop in engineers, product leads, and even our executive team to answer questions and learn from our customers.

Where can I learn more about Omni’s approach to customer support?

Our CEO, Colin, spoke with First Round about our high-touch support philosophy: our entire team is dedicated to making customers successful, period. Whatever your goal, we're here to help you achieve it.

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